Paving grouting sand that washes out

Grout the area with polymeric sand

A common problem with paving blocks is that jointing sand might be washed out by stormwater, flooding, and gutter downpipes amongst others. Subsequently, the lack of jointing material between pavers could lead to all kinds of other problems. Pavers might start moving and chipping. Water will start infiltrating the paved surface and cause the subsequent loss of bedding material. This might lead to complete, irreparable failure of the paved surface. Contractors generally use cement and plaster sand grout mix to combat the loss of grouting sand but this in itself creates problems. It never lasts longer than a few months and permanently stains the paving.

The ideal solution to stop jointing sand from washing out is to use a jointing sand stabiliser such as ROMEX® NP Jointing Sand. ROMEX®  NP Jointing Sand contains a polymeric binder that binds the jointing sand particles together while remaining flexible for vehicular traffic. Not only does it prevent paving grouting from washing out, but ROMEX® NP Jointing Sand also does not stain paving like cement grout.

ROMEX® NP Jointing Sand

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