Paving grouting for steep slopes

Grout steep slopes with polymeric sand

Segmented pavers installed on steep slopes are often problematic, especially when it is used to carry vehicular traffic. It becomes technical, but the root cause of structural problems could be the loss of jointing sand. The paving grout might fail because of volumes of water flowing down the paved surface. Paving grouting for steep slopes can be easily done with ROMEX®.

It is therefore recommended to stabilise the paving grouting on the slope or install it with a material that binds the jointing particles and pavers while remaining flexible. ROMEX® NP Jointing sand is just that. ROMEX® NP Jointing sand is a polymeric sand, manufactured in Germany, is simple to install, but more importantly, it will not wash out of paving joints on steep slopes.

ROMEX® NP Jointing Sand

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