Paving grouting for small gaps

Paving grouting sand for gaps smaller than 5mm

Concrete and clay pavers are interlocked with sand. Some paving installers grout paving with a sand and cement mixture, but apart from it almost always staining the pavers, it simply doesn’t work. Cement grouting is not flexible, and therefore it doesn’t fulfil the engineering purpose of the jointing in the first instance, namely spreading the load to adjacent pavers.  

ROMEX® NP Jointing sand is a polymeric sand. In simple language, it means the sand is specially selected and graded and kiln dried as above, but it has a special ingredient that hardens it when it comes into contact with water. Most suitable paving grouting sand for gaps smaller than 5mm. Simply sweep the sand into the joints, follow the instructions, and wet the paving with a fine mist. 

ROMEX® NP Jointing Sand

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