Paving grouting for large gaps

Suitable for gaps larger than 5mm

Paving slabs, some clay paving, and flagstones are generally grouted with cement-based grouting. This never works. NEVER. In time, cement grouting will fail. It cracks and pops out, not to mention the risk of staining pavers. The problem is that pavers expand and contract at a different rate than cement grouting between them. This causes enormous stress which leads to the mentioned failures. A rigid grouting material with the ability to expand and contract is the only solution. Paving grouting for large gaps can be easily done with ROMEX®  products.

ROMEX® has two products available that will solve this problem.

ROMEX®  D1 is a resin-based mortar, specifically developed to joint pavers. This grouting is robust and hard wearing and will most probably outlast the paving it grouts. This mortar is ideal for vehicular traffic and can be used around swimming pools, on patios, and for commercial applications.

ROMEX® Profi-Easy is a one-component paving grout that is simpler to install than ROMEX®  D1 and suitable for pedestrian applications.

ROMEX® D1 Paving

Vehicular traffic

ROMEX® Profi- Easy

Pedestrian traffic

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