Fix Cement Grouting Between Paving Bricks

At last, something that works

Flagstones and paving bricks are often grouted with cement grouting in South Africa. The sad reality is that cement grouting simply doesn’t work. Cement grouting expands and contracts at a different rate to the pavers due to temperature variations. This means that cement grouting always cracks and chunks eventually pop out. If you try to repair this with cement, it turns out to be even worse than before. The only way to repair existing cement grouting is with a resin-based paving mortar.

What needs to be done is to power wash and scrape 2-3cm of the old grouting out of the joints and then fill it with a strong, fit-for-purpose resin-based paving grouting material. ROMEX® D1 is strong and durable but most importantly, it is flexible, which means it expands and contracts with the paving blocks. Speak to us about fixing your failed cement grouting. 


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