The decorative stone binder

Are loose pebbles or stones causing trouble in your garden? Look no further than Romex Profi-DEKO, the ideal solution for effortlessly binding loose stones and gravel. This gravel and stone binder bonds together to ensure a sturdy, visually pleasing surface, ensuring a secure footing. Imported from Germany, it guarantees quality and reliability.

Once ROMEX® Profi-DEKO stone binder is applied, the surface remains water-permeable – making it an eco-friendly solution for tree rings and other garden applications. Whether you’d like to create a unique design or a water-wise solution, ROMEX Profi-DEKO comes highly recommended.

1. Stabilise stones and pebbles around tree surrounds and benches

While stones and pebbles offer abundant creative possibilities, their tendency to shift and land up everywhere is one of the biggest downfalls. This is where stabilization becomes crucial. Stone stabilisers are designed to hold the stone and gravel, effectively minimising movement and guaranteeing a steadfast surface.

2. Creating a pebble and stone pathway

Stone binders ensure you create a pebble and stone pathway that accommodates foot traffic, as well as movement from wheelie bins, wheelbarrows, bicycles and various other sources.  

3. Decorative stone and pebbles ideas for gardens and other landscaping applications

As South Africans, it’s fair to say that most of us cherish spending time outdoors, basking in the sunshine with loved ones. By incorporating decorative landscaping designs with bound stones and gravel in your garden, you can achieve symmetry and a cohesive aesthetic without breaking the bank.

  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • Ideal to bind loose stones or gravel
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Creates a water-permeable surface
  • Prohibits weed growth
  • Easy to use

Weed Resistant

Simple to Use

Pressure washer use

Water Permeable

Weed Resistant

Simple to Use

Water Permeable

Pressure washer use

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Please Note: When using ROMEX® Profi-DEKO, it is important to ensure that the loose stones are clean and dry. All contents of the packaging should be used for best results.

1. Sun dry Stones

Stones must be washed and sun dried.

2. Mix

Pour the clean and dry grit/gravel into a concrete mixer or bucket and start the mixing process.

3. Mix in Resin

Whilst mixing, slowly add the separately packaged 3kg resin/hardener component completely into the mixture. Total mixing time: at least 6 minutes.

4. Pour mix

Pour the mix onto the prepared surface, if necessary, disperse it with a shovel and ensure desired depth is achieved.

5. 30mm required

The larger the stone, the more depth you need. Smaller stones require lesser dept in order to bind. Generally, we advise a depth of at least 30mm.   

6. Compact Mixture

Compact the mixture using a light vibratory plate or smoothing trowel and then smooth off the surface. Good compacting is essential for a durable end product.

ROMEX® Profi-DEKO is ideal to bind loose stones used for garden pathways, stones around trees, as well as stones commonly used in decorative surfaces and living spaces.

ROMEX® has an easy to use consumption calculator based on inputs relevant to you project. Click here to learn more

No, each ROMEX® product is simple to use and can be applied by most DIY enthusiasts. Simply follow the installation guidelines provided in the Product Data Sheet

For young/ freshly planted trees, do not work directly up to the tree trunk. Sufficient distance (10-15cm) must be ensured so that the tree can grow unhindered in the first years.

A “protective ring” can be made of plastic or metal, for example, which should be as far away from the trunk as the tree will grow in the first few years. The inside of the protective ring can be filled with the unbound chippings or gravel.

For trees with a trunk diameter of more than 20cm, it is also possible to work right up to the trunk, as the tree then has enough strength to “make room” for itself.

Sweep or wash with water. When power washing, be careful not to dislodge stones.

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