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ROMEX® Profi-Easy is a 1 component paving joint mortar ideal for DIY homeowners and professionals with small projects. ROMEX® Profi-Easy can be used on patios, pathways, and other light pedestrian traffic loads around the house. This paving joint mortar can be used with almost all types of concrete and clay paving and natural stone surfaces. For paving around pools and heavier pedestrian and vehicular loads, we recommend using our 2-component paving joint mortar such as ROMEX® D1.

In South Africa, cement grouting is generally used between pavers and flagstones. Cement grouting has proven to have many problems such as cracking and popping out, permanent staining, and picture framing of pavers. Grouting serves the important function of creating interlock between pavers and preventing shifting. Besides this, cracked and broken grouting looks unsightly. ROMEX® Profi-Easy offers an alternative that won’t crack, pop out, or stain pavers.

  • For jointing gaps larger than 5mm
  • Engineered for the jointing of paving specifically
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Does not crack or disintegrate
  • Suitable to repair failed cement grouting
  • Consistent strength
  • No staining
  • Resistant to weeds and mining ants

Weed Resistant

Simple to Use

Pressure washer use

Pedestrian traffic

Weed Resistant

Simple to Use

Pedestrian traffic

Pressure washer use

Navigate your way through the tabs below:

CAUTION: When pavers are very hot, it is recommended to cool them down with water, prior to installation. Do not let the product sit on the pavers for extended periods. Work it into the joints immediately.

1. Mixture

Pour the 500g ROMEX® Profi-Easy into the sand mixture.

2. Mix

Mix well with drill mixer or with a hand shovel for several minutes. A cement mixer could also be used.

3. Pre-wet

Thoroughly wet the pavers but do not completely flood the jointing gaps.

4. Spread

Gently spread the mix over the moist pavers.

5. Sweep In

Sweep the mixture into the grouting gaps with a squeegee or broom. Ensure joints are evenly filled.

6. Sweep Off

Use a soft broom to sweep excess material off the paving. Repeat this process until the paving is clean.

Please Note: ROMEX® might temporarily stain the pavers, however, it is guaranteed to disappear after 4-12 weeks.

No, ROMEX® Profi-Easy is used for gaps larger than 5mm. However, ROMEX® NP Sand can be used for gaps smaller than 5mm.

No, ROMEX® Profi-Easy does not permanently stain your paving. There will be a temporary resin film after installation that will disappear within ±3 months.

ROMEX® Profi-Easy is suitable for pedestrian applications as well as for gaps smaller than 5mm.

ROMEX® has an easy to use consumption calculator based on inputs relevant to you project. Click here to learn more

No, each ROMEX® product is simple to use and can be applied by most DIY enthusiasts. Simply follow the installation guidelines provided in the Product Data Sheet.

Unused paving joint mortar in an opened bucket, can be made usable for at least 30 days from date of opening, if you immediately pour water over it (cover the mortar in the bucket completely with water, then close the bucket lid).

ROMEX® Profi-Easy is most suitable for pedestrian traffic and for gaps larger than 5mm.

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