Our product range consists of the premium quality paving jointing materials and stone binders.

ROMEX® paving grouts could be used for jointing concrete and clay pavers with various sized gaps. Some products are suitable for vehicular traffic whereas others are made for the jointing of pavers on patios and around swimming pools. Because ROMEX® grouting is easy to use, it is ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

ROMEX® jointing mortars and stone binders are much stronger and longer lasting than alternatives. In addition, ROMEX® products are easier to maintain because they can withstand pressure washers.

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Paving Grout Materials

Our paving grout materials can be used either for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

Stone Binder

Our decorative stone binder prevents loose stones, and reduces maintenance.

Why ROMEX® ?

Highly durable products

Reduced maintenance costs

Easy to use

Aesthetically pleasing

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ROMEX® is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic resin-based paving jointing mortars. ROMEX® is a family run, specialist business that has been in existence for more than 30 years. We place a high value on the highest quality. We don’t leave any client on their own – because our experience means your success!